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From start to finish, we help you stretch your silicone performance!


  ​Silutions Ink was born with a vision of education, technical problem solving and relationship development.  We exist to bridge the gaps between chemistry, ink and your application.  How can we help you stretch your silicone performance ​today??? 

About Us

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 How can Silutions Ink® help you Stretch Your Silicone Performance? 

We have over two decades of Silicone development, manufacturing and application experience at our disposal as well as custom formulating and screen-printing capabilities in the Silutions laboratory. Our number one goal is to teach you what you need to know to be fluent in Si ink application to expand your capabilities and develop new and novel approaches, products and solutions in the garment embellishment industry. You own your process, let us help you adjust to improve your capabilities, reduce failure rates and significantly improve overall cost of this technology.

Consutation services designed to:

  • Develop your expertise with silicone ink technologies that fit today's growth in synthetic apparel by providing training and documentation  developed by years of collaboration with industry leading printers.
  • Apply tested and true best practices to streamline processes, reduce waste and overcome common and new problems as they present.
  • Help you develop new and innovative products for your customers.
  • Interface with chemical manufacturers and distributors to ensure you are working with the right materials and formulas for your needs.
  • Provide custom formulating and development for your specific goals.

About Us

 We have partnered with industry leading companies including brands, distributors, textile manufacturers and garment embellishment companies to set them apart from competition in this exciting and ever evolving market. 
We help you grow your business by developing your expertise in silicone ink technology for today's athletic and athleisure apparel markets.  

Our unique background makes us second to none in silicone textile technical service with a vision of helping you solve your problems while providing a finger on the pulse of the market to help you innovate and continue to grow your business. 




Confidential is the norm for most of our consulting clients so its always great to get feedback like this that can be shared.  Helping people acheive their goals is why I enjoy my work so much!

What can Silutions Ink do to help you today?  #silutionsink

"Realize we have worked with a half-dozen people over the 12 years I've been trying to make this application happen. And it's so interesting that success in this venture has much less to do with the "time expended" than it has to do with contacting the right person for the specific type of help we need!"  

 "While we have worked with so many consultants over the years, who I would generally rate near 4 on a scale of terms of our success and satisfaction of working with you so far, it's necessary for us to extend the scale up to 10 now, with Silutions Ink coming in there right around 9--only a point short of the top because we need to wrap up the project to take us to the top!"  Brown Abrams, FiberLok


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